To all Standard Pneumatic Customers:

Effective June 26, 2007, Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company has been purchased by JDV Products, Inc.

We will support all sales, and continue to support all warranty/repair service requests.
To arrange for warranty or repair services, please contact our
Sales Department.

Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company was established in 1961 as a manufacturer of small air motors, and now offers a full range of products for the light assembly industry. In 1963, in conjunction with Western Electric, Standard Pneumatic produced the first of our wire wrapping products.

Today, JDV Products is looked upon as an expert in manufacturing wire-wrapping tools based on our 25+ years of experience. We provide high-quality tools to the Telecom, Electronic, and Assembly Industries.

JDV Products is known for high quality products, competitive pricing, fast delivery, manufacturing experience, and our ability to come up with new design innovations to help reduce ergonomic health issues.

As you can see...
"JDV is your connecting solution for all your telecom & electronic needs."

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